We Do More Than the Average Local Florist in Oklahoma City, OK

Learn about our home decorating, flower rental and flower planting services

Many people think a local florist sticks to creating wedding and funeral flower arrangements, but Bouquet's For You Flowers can do so much more.
We can create custom home decor using items you've got at home, and we can provide flower planting services to boost your curb appeal.

We've been serving Oklahoma City, OK residents since 2018. Our owner has a lifetime of crafting experience, which comes in handy when...

Refreshing potted plants and reviving flower beds
Creating beautiful centerpieces and painting vases
Choosing rugs and furniture to match interior decor

You'll love working with a versatile local florist.

Fresh flowers fade, but silk lasts forever

Imagine pulling out your wedding bouquet years later to discover it looks just as beautiful as the day you got married. Silk flowers are gaining popularity because they...

  • Won't wilt
  • Don't require watering
  • Retain their color and shape

A local florist in Oklahoma City, OK can create wedding, funeral and home decor flower arrangements using silk flowers to help you save money and preserve memories of your special day. Contact Bouquet's For You Flowers now for details.

Save big on wedding flowers

Wedding flower arrangements can take a bite out of your budget.

Instead of purchasing flowers you'll only need for one day, why not arrange for flower rentals? We offer affordable flower rentals to soon-to-be-newlyweds in the Oklahoma City, OK area.

Call 405-277-8823 now to learn more.